Why did you build World of Haiku?

Great Question!

The World of Haiku was built as a fun way to teach cybersecurity skills.

We wanted to create a more accessible and enjoyable way to learn and overcome some of the drawbacks of traditional training methods.  We studied how video games teach us skills (drop shots, making potions, all the other skills we've learned) and use that same process to teach skills that you can actually use in the real world to get a high paying job in cybersecurity..

However, the goal of the game first and foremost is to be fun.  Even if you don't every want to get a job in cybersecurity, by the time you finish the game we want you to say to yourself "Well, that was pretty cool."  Now, should you want to take your newly acquired skills further, we have the Haiku Pro product (which is harder, have no doubts) to practice those skills.  The best part is that we connected all of our products so all of the notes and Man commands from World of Haiku will carry over with you to Haiku Pro, and all of the skills you develop in both games will populate your Haiku Skillz Resume and be used to match you with jobs in Haiku Job Connect.