What is the difference between the World of Haiku and Haiku Pro?

Explains the differences between the two Haiku primary products

Haiku Pro is a browser based Capture-The-Flag-style game, aimed at experienced or aspiring Cybersecurity Professionals and Hobbyists. Haiku Pro assumes the user has some experience using Kali Linux or other Penetration test based OSes. All our ranges have varying levels of difficulty with hints to guide the user through the various ranges. In addition, YouTube video walkthroughs of various ranges are being added to our YouTube channel regularly. Finally, our Haiku Underground Discord server is a great place to connect to other players and get tips and advice on our Haiku products as well as cybersecurity as a whole.

HP has three membership options:

  1. A limited free version with access to all our freemium ranges.
  2. A basic paid version with access to all the Haiku Pro ranges and limited Job Connect features
  3. A premium paid version with access to all Haiku Pro ranges and Job Connect career support features like the Skills Resume and tailored search options based on the skills you practice and develop in Haiku Pro.