What happened to Haiku Cyber Range?

The Haiku Cyber Range paved the way for World of Haiku and Haiku Pro

We released the Haiku Cyber Range in 2020 and immediately saw that there were two key markets for this type of product.  The first group was people who loved the idea of a video game that teaches cybersecurity skills but said the Haiku Cyber Range is too hard.

The second group loved the idea of an online cyber range but didn't like being "carried" through a story - they just wanted to play in the range.

So the Haiku Product Suite was born.  World of Haiku is a Unity-built, cyberpunk RPG video game with a cool story, awesome characters, and a system designed to teach the player real cyber security skills.

Haiku Pro is a series of ranges, each with different challenges encompassing Offensive, Defensive, and Forensic cybersecurity skills. 

We linked both of our products together so the skills and notes the player builds in World of Haiku will carry over to Haiku Pro.  We did this to facilitate bringing in more people to the cybersecurity fold by making cybersecurity training more accessible and providing it for the cost of a video game.