World of Haiku is moving away from Xsolla!

If you have the World of Haiku launcher on your machine, you no longer need it to access World of Haiku!

World of Haiku is now available as a web-based platform, offering you unprecedented accessibility and convenience. Enjoy all the captivating features you love, accessible from any desktop browser, at any time, and from anywhere!

Xsolla users will no longer receive updates or new versions of World of Haiku. However, fear not! You can continue your adventures using your current version without interruptions. We've made sure to preserve all your progress, settings, and achievements flawlessly, but need your help! 


To get started, Login using your normal credentials at


We strongly encourage users to log into the game to activate Haiku's cloud save functionality and select "Local Save" so all gaming progress will be maintained.



Should you need assistance, our dedicated support team is ready to help. Reach out to us at