Missing Wordlist for World of Haiku

How to resolve a missing Wordlist from World of Haiku

Steam Cloud Saves appears to be causing corruption which leads to missing wordlists. This can be fixed by either turning off Steam Cloud or by restarting the previous mission. This issue will be resolved in a future patch. 

To turn off Steam Cloud Saves, Open Steam > go to Library > right-click on World of HaikuProperties

Uncheck Keep game saves in the Steam Cloud for World of Haiku and restart the mission previous to the mission you are on where you are missing your wordlist. You should not have to complete the mission, you should just have to Restart the previous mission, Quit it, and then Start the mission you are missing your Wordlist on and the issue should be resolved. 

If the issue is not resolved, please reach out to us on discord or send an email to support@haikurange.com