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How do I activate a Haiku Pro subscription?

Purchasing a paid subscription, signing up for a free subscription, or using an activation key.

Tip: Haiku Pro is optimized for access from a desktop web browser. If you access the application from a mobile device, you may have a subpar experience.

Quick Links:


Purchasing a Haiku Pro subscription

Step 1: Purchase your plan

From app.haikupro.com/pricing or a promotional link you will be taken to a Stripe checkout page:


If you have a discount or promotion code, you can enter it here.

If you have an activation code, please don't enter it here. Instead, please follow these instructions.  

Step 2: Check your email.

You will receive 2 emails.

  1. A “Your receipt from Haiku Inc” email from Stripe.
  2. An "Email Confirmation" email from support@haikurange.com. Click on the Confirm Email button.

Step 3: Set your password

Step 4: Log in with your new password

You're done!


Signing up for a Haiku Pro Free subscription


Step 1: Enter your information.

From app.haikupro.com/signup

Tip: If you already have a Haiku account, logging in with the same credentials here will connect your World of Haiku and Haiku Pro accounts.

Step 2: Confirm your email address

We will send an email from support@haikurange.com titled Email Confirmation to the address you entered. Please click the Confirm Email button.



Step 3: Log in

You will be taken to the login screen where you are now ready to log in with your new credentials.




You're done!

If you have an access key / coupon code, follow these instructions.



I am a student/employee and was sent a Haiku Pro Activation Key


Step 1: Sign Up for a Free plan

Follow the instructions for signing up for a Free plan.


Step 2: Navigate to Account Settings

After exiting the Tutorial, find the Settings Icon in the top right corner and click on it.

Click on Manage Subscription.

Step 3: Click Update your plan

Find and select the Update plan button.


Step 4: Select the Haiku Pro Premium Monthly Plan

Find and select the Continue button.

Make sure you select the Haiku Pro Premium Monthly plan. If you select a different plan your activation key / promotion code won't work.


Step 5: Add your activation key

Find the Add promotion code button.



Paste your activation key into the Add promotion code field


Step 6: Make sure the promotion code has been applied and is reflected in your Amount due today


If everything looks good, you can go ahead and select the Confirm button.






You should see the information on your Current Plan updated to reflect that the key is active.


Step 7: Navigate back to Haiku Pro

You're good to go! Play on, Gridrunner!

*If you need to Activate your World of Haiku Xsolla Key, please see the following KB Article.

*If you need to Activate your World of Haiku Steam Key, please see the following KB Article.