How do you Copy and Paste into or from Haiku Pro Ranges?

How do you copy and paste from your local computer into your Haiku Pro Range or vice versa?

To Copy and Paste from outside to inside the range and vice versa, open the clipboard by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT(Win/Linux) & CTRL+OPTION+SHIFT(Mac) on your keyboard.

For copying text From Inside the range to Outside, to your local computer, copy the text inside the range using CTRL+C, then press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT(Win/Linux)  CTRL+OPTION+SHIFT(Mac) to open the Guacamole clipboard and the copied text will be prepopulated inside the space under Clipboard for you to copy to your local machine.

For copying text From Outside to Inside the range, copy text on your local machine using CTRL+C, than go into the range and press CTRL+ALT+SPACE to open the Guacamole clipboard and paste it into the empty box under Clipboard.
From there you can go inside the range and paste this text into the range machine.