How do I get help if I am stuck on a Mission or Dojo in World of Haiku, or think I found a bug?

There are 3 ways to get assistance or support in World of Haiku

1 - The best way to get immediate assistance for any issue you are having for World of Haiku is to join our Discord Community and post something in the World of Haiku Section under the #early-game-talk or #spoiler-discussion channels

Or if you think you found a bug feel free to post in the World of Haiku Section under the #woh-support channel.
Please make sure anything you post outside of the #spoiler-discussion is not going to give away anything for other users, or spoil the game for them.
When in doubt, post in #spoiler-discussion before posting anywhere else.

2 - You can also send an email to
Which will typically be responded to within one business day.

3 - In addition, you can also submit a support ticket in game.
Go to Settings > Socials & Support > Support
Which is useful if you have a bug and want to provide us with your game data for review.