How do I access and use the Haiku Skillz resume?

How to access and use the Haiku Skillz resume

In order to access the Haiku Skillz resume the user must first have a Premium Haiku Pro subscription (the Skillz resume is a premium feature).  If the user has a Premium subscription, they can access the Skillz resume by logging into Haiku Pro (, going to their dashboard from the top menu, and selecting Skillz resume in the dropdown.  The user will be prompted to select the badges and skills they wish to display on the pdf copy of their resume, then the user will click the button at the bottom of the page to create a pdf file that will be saved to the user's hard drive (be sure to check that downloads and pop-ups are allowed from  The user can then open the file and check verify it contains the desired information, then submit to an employer along with their standard CV.