How to create Haiku content in Haiku Forge

Build, play, remix, and share World of Haiku Missions (Lessons) using the Haiku Forge tool!

Haiku Forge is only available to those who have the World of Haiku in their Steam Library or have a Haiku Online subscription for


Haiku Forge allows players to create their own Missions (lessons) to play or share within Haiku, or take an existing mission and edit it! It can be accessed on any desktop/laptop web browser via or Steam (example mission).

Once you are signed in, navigating to the Forge:


Building Networks:

Start by building a network, setting up devices, services, file systems, etc.

Building Missions

Missions are how players interact with your network. It includes setting goals, with dialog\instructions delivered via the Nitro messenger.

Service commands and feedbacks of commands: Link

Story manager: Link



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